Monday, December 14, 2009

Jimmy's Rants: Is modern society really so ridiculous?

So a person who plays golf for a living and endorses a few products has been found to be knobbing a few women who weren't his wife. Who cares? Well, everyone. If the media is anything to go by.

So I have to ask, is modern society really so pointless that the sexual goings on of a guy who hits small balls around fields for a living seems to be earth shatteringly important? Because I am quite sure there are much more important things we should be concerned about. Yet here we are, three weeks later, still hearing about Tiger Woods.

Really, there is nothing more important that we should know about in the time slots devoted to a fucking golfer (pun intended)? It's not like golf is even a real sport - it's walking combined with occassionally swinging a stick for crying out loud. It is right up there in the top ten of most pointless pastimes and yet society seems presently obsessed with the sex life of someone who happens to have turned out to be good at walking and swinging sticks.

The only people who should be concerned with what Woods did are his family and the families of those he did it with. Why the fuck does anyone else care and just what exactly gives anyone else the right to get so uppity about it? Does it stop him being good at walking and swinging a stick? No. Does it stop him endorsing shaving products? No. Does it mean video games bearing his name are not very good? No. Well yes actually, it's a video game about golf after all. But that is not relevant here and isn't because the guy was getting laid. He never set himself up as an arbiter of morality or an expert on marriages and sexual fidelity so what he does for nooky is nobody else's business - so why the seeming obsession?

Leave him the fuck alone. He doesn't matter. Not one tiny bit. What he did doesn't matter one bit except to those close to him. Take your nosey arse preachy self off and do some real journalism or drag yourself away from those fucking awful shows like TMZ and learn something useful.

One thing this whole nonsense has clearly highlighted is this countries laughably puritanical attitude to sex - Tiger Woods is publicly reamed for having sex, as if there is something inherently wrong in doing so; the nation erupts in moral outrage at the flash of a nipple (and not because it was a fucking ugly one); television is happy to show brutal and graphic violence at any time of day but heaven forbid you see a woman's wobbly bits. Christ, I once saw a National Geographic special on nudity as a taboo and they pixellated out the nudity - it wasn't even sexual, it was women in African tribal costumes. Grow the fuck up!

And while we're on this subject, why when there is nudity does it seem to be ok to show a man's naked arse but not a woman's? Why is the chest cavity of a human corpse in an autopsy ok for prime time television shows, but a bit of boob isn't? Can anyone see something wrong with this or is it just me? You want to know why sexual violence, teen pregnancy, abortion rates and sexually transmitted diseases are a problem? Well, it isn't because we tell kids about sex - it's because we don't tell them enough. Tell me Mr and Mrs Right Wing Nut Case, if education about guns is important and helps with gun safety, why wouldn't education about sex work in a similar way?

Leave Tiger Woods alone, it's none of your fucking business.


  1. Once made that very same argument about gun safety and sex safety to a RWBAGN (right wing born-again gun nut) and he told me that safe sex education just leads to whores and promiscuity and the downfall of polite society. As if to prove her case (yes, she was a female RWBAGN), she said,
    'just look at the Afro-Americans killin each other with their public school educations'.

    She turned heel and left with a knowing nod.

    So I shot her.

  2. The media is crap basically. It wouldn't be so bad if people actually thought for themselves and realised just how ridiculous it is.

    Seriously since when is Strictly Come Dancing newsworthy of the BBC? That goes for the X-Factor and every other program in that genre.

    It's the same with celebrity. Why are people so obsessed with what Jordan wore to go to the shops FFS?

    Unfortunately there are too many people who are happy to be told what to think and too many people willing to take advantage of it.

  3. Mark:

    What is truly scary is that your RWBAGN is far from being the only one who thinks like that - so far from being the only one it is genuinely frightening!


    Couldn't agree more - but if you think it is bad in the UK you should come visit us stranded Brits over here and see the joke that passes for the news media here.

    No really, come visit, it's long overdue!

  4. Paul - I second Jimmy's request. Come on over. We have a complete lack of Jordan and Jedward (but an over-abundance of Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag)

  5. I know I really should try next year to be honest!! I've said that far too often :) I'll be allowed in after I've had my DNA cloned and a record of everything I've ever done taken when trying to enter the US ;)

  6. Mark:

    I can say with some pride that I have no idea who Spencer Pratt or Hedi Montag are. Awesome.


    Our door is always open!

  7. Jimmy - you _should_ be proud of not knowing who Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag are. I know only because I have a wife and a 10-year old daughter who subscribe to "US weekly" magazine. And they leave it in the bathroom. Apparently they are famous for being in "US weekly" magazine.