Thursday, May 20, 2010

Andrew Wakefield - Dishonest lying assbag

Via Orac I saw this great summation of the Andrew Wakefield MMR controversy, and I also found out something about Wakefield I didn't know before.

Apparently, before his paper was published in the Lancet, he had filed a patent for a single measles vaccine. And what did Wakefield recommend after his paper came out? Why, that parents should not use MMR but single vaccines for measles and mumps.

Mother fucker. And the anti-vaccine morons have the cheek to call "Big Pharma" (and by that they mean real science and medicine) dishonest?

This just highlights one point I always try to make to woos and their like when they claim you can't trust a source I or other skeptics give out but you can trust the ones they use:

What makes your source completely trustworthy and reliable when ours aren't and why?

I have never had an answer yet. This is a good example of why.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Jimmy's rants: Automobile design

Before I begin this rant I should add a disclaimer just to make sure nobody takes my Man Card away (ooh starting with gender stereotypes, very controversial). I like cars. Sports cars are cool. I enjoy watching Top Gear. I have nothing against people who like fast cars and who own fast cars. Pimping your ride out is just super with me - I don't care. I don't wear tight jeans and a sports jacket. I don't whiten my teeth. I may have some things in common with Captain Slow. The target for my venom is luxury cars, their designers and owners.

However, with that said I have a rant about cars and their designers.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Sylvia Browne's 2010 predictions

Back from a couple of weeks off hanging with my folks I thought I would start off with a nice juicy topic - tearing Sylvia Browne's 2010 predictions into little tiny pieces. Alright, it wouldn't be that juicy since it would be easier than breathing, but it would have been fun.

Of course I soon stumbled into a problem with this - you can't actually read Browne's 2010 predictions in full unless you are a member of her inner circle. And I'll be fucked with a rusty Buick before I give that charlatan any money, even if it is just so I can have the pleasure of showing her to be the useless fraud that she is.