Sunday, August 2, 2009

Blogging slowdown

Just a housekeeping notice to let my hoards of faithful readers (all six of you) know that there'll be a slowdown in my obviously prolific blogging for the next week or so - meatspace is interfering with blogging!

I haven't forgotten I have to hurry up and get to the point with my series on Pearl Harbor, and there's plenty of Bible left to blog, and I have a couple of other ideas I'm working on - but the next 10 days might be a bit sparse - taking the kids and wifey camping next week too, first time for all of them so I'll be without internet access obviously!

If you're interested, check out Google Earth - we'll be here on the 8th and 9th:
40 18 37.72 N 105 48 30 W

That little copse of trees is the group spot for Big Meadows campsite in Rocky Mountain National Park - and it is freaking awesome up there. Of course it's going to rain the whole time and I'm taking two handy bear size snacks with me, but it should be fun.

Anyway, don't mess the place up while I'm gone.

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