Friday, August 14, 2009

To advertise or not?

So, I'm thinking about adding AdSense to the blog but I'm undecided.

Part of me wants to cost woos money by having their adverts on the blog and encouraging people to click on them. The rest of me doesn't want woo adverts on the blog but likes money. See the dilemma?

Would you click on an advert for a woo product just so you can cost them money? Is it ethical for a skeptical blog to allow adverts for woo products? Is it worth it? Should we start encouraging skeptics to click on these sites in order to cost companies selling woo money? Is it right for a skeptical blog to make money off woos? Is this even how AdSense works?

I'm full of questions today, but no answers. What do you chaps and chappesses think?


  1. go ahead. Its isnt a biggie. I've made a whole 26 dollars with it. skeptics understand how the adsense system works. You can also block things if you like.

    forget about the woos. its not important.

  2. I usually only notice it if it's placed directly below the header. Always looks a bit pathetic seeing "10 Steps to Jesus" or something, as the first or second thing you see.

    But even that wouldn't bother me on this site. It would only be a few small words among a whole lot of high quality writing, and even some free space for my demented raving, so I'm not likely to complain!

  3. Do it!
    I would be more than happy to click through to a couple of ads and then close down the resulting tabs - some kind of karmic redistribution policy...