Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Christopher Maloney is a quack

Well heck, who am I to argue with PZ Myers?

Christopher Maloney is a quack.

I mean seriously, what kind of addle brained fuckwit claims black elderberries can block the H1N1 virus? Block it how? And where? And when?

Christopher Maloney is a quack.

Did I mention that Christopher Maloney is a quack?


  1. And for the evidence of it, see here.

    Its all there from dangerous and irresponsible advice, breathtaking arrogance to the usual logical fallacies. He pulls out the "Think of the children card" and even admits that he uses his patients as trials for untested treatments.

    He's a quack.

  2. Apparently the link didn't work so let's try again: