Friday, February 26, 2010

"Don't hate." say haters.

I know, sounds like an 'Onion' headline. Indeed at some point I am sure it probably has been an 'Onion' headline. Unfortunately it isn't though, which goes to show exactly how brilliant 'The Onion' is as satire.

Now, before proceeding, please switch off any irony meters you may still possess in working order, I don't want to be responsible for any injuries caused by resulting overloads.


Good, then check out these four Denver Post articles.

So, two schools in Wheatland, Wyoming decide to support a campaign called "No Place for Hate" whose aim is:

to organize schools to work together and develop projects that enhance the appreciation of diversity and foster harmony amongst diverse groups. The campaign empowers schools to promote respect for individual and group differences while challenging prejudice and bigotry
And the local communities response is? Prejudice and bigotry. Perfect. Wonderfully highlighted by a board trustee from one of the schools, as quoted in one of the Denver Post articles:

"We're a conservative community. We don't need extremist organizations coming in propagating their liberal views,"

Yes that's right folks, encouraging people not to be ignorant fucking redneck douchebags like this ignorant fucking redneck douchebag is apparently purely a liberal view, and the Gay and Lesbian Fund for Colorado is an extremist organisation. But remember, the school board has no problem with the banner's message - you know, "No Place for Hate" - no, the problem was the involvement of a group connected with people they just really really really really don't like in a sort of angry manner.

I confess my ability to withstand the ironic has been overloaded to the point of desensitization now. It is no longer clear to me if I am living in a world without gods, or a world where the gods are actually the copy writers for 'The Onion.'

Our depressingly ironic and/or oblivious hater doesn't stop there though, he hates Jews as well as gay people to. He's a good old fashioned hater, and he can't have the education system telling people that maybe, just maybe, we shouldn't hate each other. Those pesky liberal educators.

"We have a different moral standard here ... We don't need people coming in promoting premarital sex, extramarital sex and all other kinds of belief systems."

Let's just hope that if you happen to be near Wheatland, Wyoming, you happen to be of the right belief system. Whichever one of the thousands that exist the right kind happens to be, of course.

Now, quite rightly the articles point out that this is not the fault of every resident of Wheatland and that not everyone feels that way - fortunately it appears the younger generations are not as blissfully ignorant as the trustee quoted in the Denver Post - but we know that Wyoming has a pattern of homophobia because Wheatland is basically a stones throw from where Matthew Shepard was killed, for daring to be gay.

No doubt the school board members responsible for the latest round of hate think he got what he deserved and are hoping to uphold a fine tradition of hating 'them thar queers'.

So many people to hate, so little time for your average ignorant conservative ass monkey.

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