Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Feeling lazy, so go read Yakaru instead

Alright, I have a week to myself thanks to erupting volcanoes pushing back my parents travel plans so I'm stuck with youngest mini-Jimmy Blue at home and with no express desire to blog, only the strange compulsion to play video games and basically arse about. So instead of not reading new material by me, go read Yakaru comprehensively tearing Dana Ullman a new one.



  1. When the Priest raped you did you enjoy it? Is that what drives your hate for the Church?

  2. Is that some of that Christian love I hear so much about on display there?

    What a charming person you are, and what sympathy you display for children who have been raped. Catholic, are we?

    And, if it were indeed true, wouldn't having a priest rape me be a very good reason to hate the church?

    And of course, what an interesting attitude you display. You actually think people could enjoy being raped. No doubt you think rape victims deserve it as well. You are a pretty sick individual aren't you?

    Funnily enough though, even whilst attending 14 years of Catholic school I never was abused by a priest or nun, or anyone else for that matter. But don't let that get in the way of your own stupidity, I wouldn't want to confuse you by forcing you to consider that maybe, just maybe, I have some very good grounds for disliking the Catholic church and it's leaders and doctrines.

    You know, like systematic child rape and physical abuse and attempts to cover this up in order to save face. Apparently you don't think that is something to be angry about. What a surprise.

    Post again without using a nickname or such and the posts will be deleted.

  3. And I posted my reply before I noticed you are so fucking stupid you couldn't even post this in the right place - have a comment on the Catholic church, try posting it on one of the posts about the Catholic church.

    Further off topic posts here will also be deleted.

  4. Thanks for link, JB....even if it was unconsciously motivated by hatred of the church. (Or maybe "Anon" is confusing homeopathy with homosexuality???)

    Am I just imagining it or is this loony pushing the idea that raped children provoked it, with a subtle implication of incipient homosexuality (and therefore guilt) in their behaviour?

  5. That's what it sounded like to me.

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